Crisis management platform & framework

Using Dynamics CRM respond to community demands by collecting, tracking and managing real time data.

Automate processes supporting your business enabling you to grow faster.


One example is the “Demand fulfillment”:

Allow clients to log their demands

Track and collect demands by your call center team

Manage the demands fulfillment using the CRM workflow capabilities

“The Beirut Blast created vast chaos and confusion; effective post-blast recovery has been all about finding ways of organizing and bringing order to this chaos. We could not have done this without the help of the LeadingAlliance team and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The LeadingAlliance team went above and beyond to understand the ever-changing complexities of emergency relief data-collection. They not only understood our requirements but helped tediously engineer them, and then proceeded to help us meticulously refine them through dozens of iterations until the present day, despite almost constant changes in the needs of our volunteers in the field. As a result, we went from a primitive and confusing database to having a customized, multi-dimensional management system through which the attributes and special needs of the blast victims could be collected, stored, and updated on a per-household-basis. Thanks to this amazing work, we are now able to track every interaction, donation, and change throughout our 1300+ households (4000+ individual people). We are able to track which volunteer collected which data set for quality assurance, drill down into the particularities of each individual household member within one household file, understand trends and developments within the affected community through the analytics functionality, and provide our donors and partners with complete transparency through reports. Thanks to the LeadingAlliance team and the Microsoft CRM, we are able to provide the blast victims with help in a quicker, more fair, more reliable and more transparent way!”

Jan Pirner

Co-founder, Nation Station

“Growing from a simple NGO of twenty dedicated members to a community of over 30,000 voluntary blood donors in less than a decade, innovation became a necessity. Therefore, Donner Sans Compter (DSC) has proudly partnered with Leading Alliance to develop a customized donor management system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. This pioneering model has allowed us to streamline our operations with various stakeholders in the blood donation cause across the country ranging from the hospital blood banks, to the families of patients, blood donors, volunteers, and staff! We leveraged technology to ensure the process is as smooth and efficient as possible. In our line of work, more time saved means more lives saved! We couldn’t be happier with this partnership that has allowed us to save together over 100,000 lives.”
Yorgui Teyrouz

President & Founder, DSC

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